Where to download AXPatch for iphone unlock sim cards to quick unlock a iphone

As a iphone unlock sim card software for iphone 4/4S/5 unlocking, it helped many people to get their iphone unlocked easily. AXPatch is complicable with most iphone unlock cards worldwide until now, the highlight of this iphone unlock software is, it can makes the unlock very easy, no more complex steps as many iphone unlock sim card tutorial described. Unlock with AXPatch is as easy as a few mouse clicks. For many people who can’t get their iphone unlocked by factory IMEI unlock, this is the best choice to unlock iphone devices with unlock sim/cards like GPP,Rebel SIM,RSIM etc.

But where to download AXPatch? AXPatch official website ifansgo.com is not the only choice to get it, it’s available on a lot of good free download websites like top4download etc. For people from different countries, they can choose a best way separately. Here is a AXPatch download list:

iFansGo Official Website: http://ifansgo.com/fget.html?name=axpatch.zip

FileBuzz: http://www.filebuzz.com/fileinfo/216311/AXPatch.html

Top4Download: http://www.top4download.com/axpatch/bxvhabup.html

SharewareConnection: http://www.sharewareconnection.com/axpatch.htm

DownloadThat: http://www.downloadthat.com/windows/Utilities/AXPatch.html

AB-Download: http://www.ab-downloads.com/english/windows/details-3-34-387160-iFansGo.com-AXPatch.htm

Windows7Download: http://www.windows7download.com/win7-axpatch/votudter.html

X64BitDownload: http://www.x64bitdownload.com/downloads/t-64-bit-axpatch-download-ynkcizof.html

Xentrik: http://www.xentrik.net/software/axpatch.html

RocketDownload: http://www.rocketdownload.com/program/axpatch-525455.html

This is not all of the links can download for AXPatch, but all download from the websites above is free and quick. Enjoy unlocking your iphone with unlock cards.


New released fast iphone unlock software for unlock cards works with iphone 4/4S/5

New released fast iphone unlock software for unlock cards works with iphone 4/4S/5

Recently a new iphone unlock software said be free was released, the developer team of this iphone unlock software named it AXPatch and released it on their official website http://www.ifansgo.com, it’s free to download, aimed at making things easy and quick. This software can support Apple’s latest iOS version from 5.x to IOS 6.1.4. To unlock a iphone locked to Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AU, KDD etc with this AXPatch is very easy by mouse clicks. For many network carriers iphone that can not be unlocked by factory unlocking or network provider, this is the best choice. AXPatch works with most available iphone unlock sim cards like GPP, R-SIM,GEVEY,NETER and so on, a regular unlock sim card looks like this:

The unlock software AXPatch is the fist iPhone unlock software for iphone unlock sim cards, saved many iphone owners to get their iphone unlocked just like a normal phone, it great to be normal. AXPatch is highly popular in Europe, Australia and North America, especially in South East Asia.

According to the development team of axpatch, AXPatch require no complex unlock step, just the unlock SIM card and a PC with this unlock software, done unlock by clicks. Time saving for iphone unlock companies to unlock a lot of devices and many people without computer knowledge.

According to the screenshot exposed by the developer team, the software is able to unlock carriers worldwide by set APN settings. In additional, the developer team of AXPatch promised to unlock the upcoming IOS 7 once it released, a good opportunity to build their business advantage for iphone unlockers.